Sunday, August 20, 2017

2017 Summer - Week 8

Summer week 8 was the week without a car!  I backed into someone back in June and had my car fixed at the end of July.  We rode in Brandon's truck to church...

I was shocked the morning we all went to church and I had time to braid two of the girls' hair!

Monday was a pajama day in the morning and then I had a yearbook meeting at our house that afternoon.  It went really long and we actually missed a swim play date that we were supposed to walk to, so the girls were really really upset. :(  It wasn't one of my better parenting moments.  Tuesday we had friends over for a bible study and playdate.

Wednesday, a friend picked us all up to go swim at her house! yay!

Apparently, nothings better than cold nutella on a hot swim day! ;)

Cute friends and Mackenzie's new pose! Ha!

We were supposed to have gotten our car back by Wednesday night, so when that didn't happen and we had to reschedule our previous plans, I made new "at home" plans.  We broke out the water balloons and side walk chalk spray!

Oh and bubbles!

And Meredith played a little basketball.

We only lasted about an hour total because it was soooooo hot!!!!!!  It's reached that part of the summer where it's just fun to be outside unless you are in a swimming pool!

I spent the rest of my afternoon cleaning out bathroom cabinets.  It wasn't fun, but at least I got to throw out a big bag of trash.  I always feel good getting stuff out of my house! ;)

On Saturday, Brandon's company had a family picnic.  Yep...end of July, outdoors, 100 degree temps and not a cloud in sight!

We did the hamster wheels before they got too hot to touch.

Miranda bounced a little bit.

The food was really good, but we were all just so hot.

Mackenzie and I had pretty muched checked out of all the "fun" so we stayed at the pavillion while Brandon took Meredith and Miranda to the petting zoo and pony rides.  I don't have those pictures since Brandon never sent them to me. (hint hint)  But they were pretty hot and sweaty when they returned.

So, we finally left!

And the AC never felt so good! ;)

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