Saturday, August 19, 2017

2017 Summer - Week 7

Week 7 was another VBS for us!  But first, here's Miranda before church one morning.  She said her headband make her a queen. ;)

This year's VBS at our friends' church was in the morning.  I took my laptop and worked on Bible Class lessons while the girls had fun.  Miranda was not a fan of the petting zoo.

However, the next day, Meredith LOVED it!

I took a lot of pictures with her and the animals, thinking I would do the same thing with Mackenzie.  Only to find out, Mackenzie's class had gone out there before Meredith and I had completely missed them. :(

Miranda likes to dress herself, especially picking out her own shoes and socks.

The kids go in a rotation to all of the same stations.  Meredith and Mackenzie made bird feeders on the the first day and Miranda was really disappointed that she didn't have one too!  Thankfully, she got hers on the third day!

Mackenzie and her friend since birth!

For the last day, we actually went back for the evening too!  After regular VBS classes, they had several activities for us to do.  These balloon animals were ravens and horses (for the story of Elijah).

They made chariot snacks!

And then we went on a "chariot" ride. ;)

They had "face" painting on the arm. ;)

AND snow cones!

On another day Mackenzie and Meredith decided they wanted to help in the kitchen, so we had cutting lessons.

They both did very well.  I think it was a little scary for Brandon to hear that they had used knives, but I figure they have to learn some time!  We talked about proper knife skills and where your fingers go.  You can see Meredith keeping her fingers well away from the knife!

Another hair braid or two.

All summer long we had movie nights on Friday night where we watch a movie that we hadn't seen before.  But this particular movie night was one we were waiting for all summer - Descendants 2!
 It did not disappoint and we are still listening to the sound track in our car! ;)

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