Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2017 Summer Vacation - Day 3

On day 3, Brandon and I decided to do something different for the day.  We took the girls back to the strip center from the day before so that they could pick a stuffed animal from Build a Bear.

They were all very excited, especially Miranda since she had never done this before.

I think this was when they rubbed the "hearts" for their animals on their clothes and faces before sticking them in the stuffed animals. ;)

Then they bathed them...

Miranda waited patiently while they sewed her bear up.

And then they each got to pick out one outfit.

We walked down aways to a coffee shop and relaxed while we waited for lunch time.

I love that Mackenzie and Meredith still play pretend a lot.  They were making their bears talk to each other.

Next we headed over to the movie theater for lunch and Despicable Me 3.

Silly girls pretending they were picking their nose...

They had no quarters but thoroughly enjoyed the small arcade!

The girls and I really enjoyed the movie, but apparently Brandon fell asleep! ;)

Afterwards we chilled at home until evening time so we could do a night swim.   The girls loved swimming in the pool with the lights on.  It was super windy, so if you were out of the pool it felt really cold.  Once it got really dark, people went out on the beach to shoot fireworks.  We were able to sit on our porch and watch 3 different groups shoot fireworks.  It was a really nice 4th of July and we didn't have to fight traffic!

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