Friday, July 21, 2017

Spa day!

The last day of school was an early dismissal for Mackenzie and Meredith and so we were all home by 1pm. I had a spa day all set up for them when we got home!

I think they were pretty excited!

Of course, the spa day also included some summer gifts.

Mermaid fins, books, nail polishes...

The mermaid tails were good in theory...not so great in the pool like you think they might be. ;)

I found a lot of the stuff at the dollar store, so it was a fairly inexpensive way to have fun!  I pretended to be their spa lady and talked in a high pitch voice while I wrapped their hair and put their eye masks on. ;)

And then I gave them a snack and turned on a movie while I got their water ready.

While I did their pedicures, they did their own makeovers!

Meredith's looked the most natural and she did surprisingly well.

And of course, Miranda's was really funny!

These are my favorite pictures of Meredith looking at herself in the mirror! ;)

Sometimes the movie is more important than the makeup! ;)

And then came the nails!

Cute little toes!

The girls loved it and it may have to be a tradition!  We had lots of fun and it was a great way to ring in the summer!

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