Monday, July 10, 2017

May Miscellaney

It's been 2 months since I've taken some of these photos, so it should be a nice walk down memory lane! ;)

I really can't remember why we were just taking pictures of the two of us at the girls' school.  I know it's in the morning because we are wearing jackets, but I'm not sure what we were doing besides just taking a little break before walking back. ;)

We started watching a tv show where a junior high girl wears bobby pins in her hair and Meredith insisted on wearing her hair like that!

May always means flower time while walking the girls to school!

Miranda was very content one morning while we waited to get our oil changed in our car.  Markers and a preschool book and she was good to go!

For teacher appreciation, I volunteered to watch the kids while the teachers had lunch by themselves in another room.

Lunch out one day after church and Meredith and Miranda were sucking on lemons!

Not sure that there was any occasion for the photos before school, but Meredith was excited!

And at least I got a smile out of Mackenzie.  Miranda got to ride in the stroller one morning because I didn't even bother dressing her! ;)

I made up for it later though, by playing games with her!

Silly Miranda - again in pajamas!

Um, I guess it was bright!

Miranda is my little lunch date while the girls are at school.  We enjoyed our chips and queso that day!

This is one of Miranda's favorite things to do - spin in my desk chair!  Actually, the day after we came home from our vacation last week, she went to the chair and pulled it out saying...."yay - spinning chair!"

Silliness before school!

She's dressed!

We were early!  Actually, we started getting to school earlier the last month of school because Meredith and Mackenzie would compete to see who could get dressed the quickest! Mackenzie started laying out her clothes the night before and sleeping in her socks for the next day!  Whatever works I guess.  There was a lot less frustration in the mornings of May!

Once preschool was out, we had a play date with friends at a play place that the big girls can't go to.

Remember how I said she's my lunch date?!  She gave the chicken and fries a thumbs up!

Our babysitter graduated from high school!

Birthday party fun.  This is a picture of me with Mackenzie's friends because Mackenzie was in a funk!

She wanted to leave about 5 minutes after we got there but I made her stay.  She finally got over her funk about 10 minutes before the party was over!

Meredith's last night of puppets during Bible Hour.  This fall, she sits with us in the auditorium on Sunday evenings.

I had a yearbook meeting and this is how Miranda spent the morning! Ha!

A great and windy morning before school and Mackenzie let me take a picture of her!  And with me!

Meanwhile the other girls were being crazy!

Brandon's birthday celebration!  We bought him "flash" from Zootopia. ;)

Miranda stuffed her doll in a bucket and carried it around in a stroller like it was no big deal.

Miranda and I attended the volunteer breakfast at the end of the year.  After breakfast, we had a PTA meeting.  She looked over at me and said, "the first meeting was fun, but this is the second one and it's not fun." ;)

Swim lessons are still going great for Miranda!

Another birthday party!  I tried my hand at french braid pig tails.  It was a jump place so it was perfect for Meredith and keeping the hair out of her face!

Mackenzie was feeling adventurous at the jump place and decided to climb the pillars.  This was her second try, so she was a little more confident.  She didn't do the last pillar because she said she didn't have something else to grab onto like she did with all the others.

Miranda insisted on wearing socks with her shoes one Sunday Morning.  Mackenzie was really concerned that everyone would think I dressed her this way.  I assured her that everyone would know that the THREE year old dressed herself!

It was a fun month!

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