Saturday, July 8, 2017

Celebration of Learning - Meredith

 Since we are already half way through summer, I might as well post about the last days of school! ;)  The girls' school doesn't have "end of year" parties, but they do have "Celebrations of Learning" where parents can come in and see the kids in their classroom for one last performance or program.  Kindergarten was during the evening since there are over 200 kindergartners and that's typically a bigger deal.  We started off in their classrooms.

One last picture with Mrs. Van Cleave.  She has been an awesome teacher this year and has been really patient with Meredith and her up and down emotions.  We will really miss her next year!

Miranda loved sitting in Meredith's seat!

These are two of Meredith's close friends.  I don't think she knows which one is which, but obviously they are still her friend! ha!

There are only 8 girls in the their class.  One was sick and the other had not arrived when we took this picture, but look how cute they are?!  Meredith has already noticed that she's the youngest in her class, but clearly she doesn't look it since she's the same height as the twins who are a full year older than her!

A little sisterly love!

Meredith's face cracks me up here!  I guess she didn't know what to do while Mrs. Van Cleave spoke.  Also, the boy on the left is the boy she likes.  He's the soft spoken boy in the class which matches her personality when she's at school.  Mrs. Van Cleave knows she likes him so I'm not sure if it was coincidence or planned that Meredith had her program right next to him and actually had to read with him. ;)


 Mrs. Van Cleave got emotional as she thanked the class and parents...

...and I thought it was cute that the kids didn't really know how to respond to her tears.

After the classrooms we headed to the Gym for the overall musical performance.  We ended up sitting far back in the room.  Did I mention there are over 200 kids in kindergarten?!  This is what we do while we wait! ;)

My pictures of Meredith up on stage are not very good because I was so far back, but thankfully because of her height, she was on the back row and I could see her!

Miranda liked one of the songs and joined in the fun!

She's a first grader!!!!

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