Sunday, July 9, 2017

Celebration of Learning - Mackenzie

Mackenzie's Celebration of Learning was during school on the morning before the last day of school.  They only had a their event in their room.

Each child got up and read a poem about themselves that they had been working on.  The students were so quiet when they read! ;)  Such a great class and Mrs. Russell got a little teary eyed speaking to us.

After all of the poems, Mrs. Russell played a slide show from all of the pictures she had taken throughout the year.  It was 19 minutes long and she said she had cut it down from her first pass at 35 minutes! ha!  It was great seeing all the things that they had done.  very cute!

Mrs. Russell was Mackenzie's home room teacher and taught Language Arts.  We loved Mrs. Russell this year and thought she was great.  She really helped Mackenzie thrive in her reading skills.  In fact, Mackenzie had a goal to get to a level P reading by the end of the year.  We thought she had ended on level o, but when we opened her report card on the last day of school, she had achieved her goal! Level P (third-fourth grade reading level)!

Mrs. Walker was Mackenzie's math and science teacher.  We loved her just as much as Mrs. Russell!  She was great and challenged Mackenzie in math and made her love it even more!

This is her "selfie" they made the last week of school!

The last little bit of the event the kids got to show their parents their work.  I always love seeing what all they have done during school.

One last picture before we left!  Mackenzie wanted to be checked out early, but it was only 10:30 so sorry girlie, you are staying! ;)

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