Saturday, July 29, 2017

2017 Summer Week 4

Sunday mornings are always great at church, but looking down are pew is even better when I see my girls with one of their good friends who sits with us 50% of the time. I pray that they are always close and always enjoy attending church together.  Such sweet friends!

Miranda still loves these barbie glasses.

Meredith just "dabbin'" ;)

I have no ideas when they got my phone, but here's their photo.

Mackenzie chose these teeth as her prize for her dental appointment for her spacer.  Fake teeth are weird. ;)

The playdate at our friends house was also super fun.  Just 3 moms with 8 kids! ;)

If our church's youth group has all of these same kids in 7 years, it's going to be a great youth group.  I can't wait!

And then, our FAVORITE summer place...the Noah's Ark Pool!!!!

This is our annual picture of our kids!

 We've done it for 3 years now!

I love that now we have Miranda's friends joining us for fun!

So much fun when you can really swim!

Swim lesson photos! Ha!  I didn't realize how often I took pictures of them while we are waiting for class to start.  Mackenzie is not in any of these photos because she had quite the attitude that morning.  I'm not sure what set her off, but she was cranky and wanted nothing to do with pictures.

Week 5 was our vacation, so get ready!

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