Thursday, July 27, 2017

2017 Summer Week 3

Week 3 is all about VBS!  My friend and I decorated the Foyer.

VBS is in the evenings, so Tuesday morning we went to the pool!

Wednesday morning, Meredith had to get a cavity filled so she couldn't eat breakfast before the appointment.  I also gave her the ipad as a special treat.  Mackenzie was so sweat and sat next to her and helped keep her mind off of the procedure.  Meredith did great at the appointment and doesn't remember anything.  Miranda got to stay home with a friend of mine and was super excited to have one on one time with someone.  My friend said she talked to her non stop for 45 minutes and then after that she sighed and said "I'm tired." Ha!

Brandon was gone for a long fishing trip, so one night, we had a late night playdate with our good friends.  They built a fort in the playroom!

Swim lessons are every Friday, so that's always a fun day!

We were early, so I took pictures of the girls in their new swim suits.  I would never have picked these for them.  I was quite surprised when the girls each picked out these...

It might have been a little bright!

Miranda was a little upset that her teacher was not going to be in class on this day...

And then I took her picture and she could see herself pouting.  Its a little hard to pout when you can see yourself. ;)

We...I mean I...worked on a puzzle.  I had forgotten how much I like puzzles!  I need to do these more often!

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