Wednesday, July 26, 2017

2017 Summer Week 2

Summer is always so much fun and this year is no exception!

Mackenzie and Meredith went to art camp the second week of summer so Miranda and I were once again all on our own. ;)

We also had an unexpected power outage one evening.  It went out about 6:45 and it was still very bright outside, but Meredith was still freaked out.  Once it started getting dark, we pulled out the ipads and a camping lantern and they were completely content.  The power came back on a little after 8:30 and it still wasn't really that dark, but the girls were so thrilled.  Brandon and I were just thankful that the power came back on before bedtime.

One morning, Miranda and I did some school while the Big girls were gone.

She really likes to do these things and I always regret not doing them more often.  And yet, as I type this I realize I haven't done this with her since the second week of summer.  It's currently the 8th week.  :(

Miranda likes to help me sometimes when I'm working at the church building!  She especially likes to cut laminated paper.  But who doesn't?! ;)

Mackenzie and Meredith had a wonderful week at art camp and created some wonderful pieces.

After swim lessons one day we headed to chick fil a for lunch!

Followed by decorating the church for VBS!  That's they typical 2nd week of summer activity!

That Saturday night we went to dinner with a bunch of friends and had a chocolate pinata for dessert!  It was super delicious!

The kids really liked it.  The adults had on at the other end of the table.  It was less messy. ;)

Simple week, but fun week!

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