Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day at my parents' house.  But first, we went to church with Granny and Papa.

Then we went to Moshi and Gapa's.

Ryan and Kelsey!

Pictures with Granny!

Granny made yummy homemade strawberry cake!

My main goal was to take picture with Momma, Granny and Ryan at Mother's Day because I felt like I didn't have any current pictures with them.

Can definitely see some similarities between me and Ryan. ;)

I'm not sure what was said, but clearly it was pretty funny.  I'm sure Ryan said something to make them laugh.

I think this is after we said goodbye to Granny and Papa!

Miranda was talking to Moshi while playing with her hair the entire time. ;)

It was a fun mothers day and I'm so thankful for my pictures!

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