Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mackenzie's 2nd Grade Performance

All of 2nd Grade performed in a musical program in April.  The music teachers sent a note home about 6 weeks before the program asking for parent volunteers to help with the decorations/set.  There are 220 students in 2nd grade and 6 moms showed up to help. :(  Anyways, the 6 of us worked off and on for 3 weeks to get it done and we were really pleased with how it turned out. The show was called the Principal and the Pea.  It's similar to the princess and the pea, except students are testing out new principals and they are trying to see if the applicants notice the pea in the soup.  Very cute play.

One of the songs had a food fight, so we had to make signs and fake food from the song for the kids to carry around.

Casseroles, sardines, navy beans and collard greens...

buttered rolls, flying toast...
sloppy joes and greasy roast...

I made the menu on the right, and helped with the signs.  Basically anything with letters, I helped. ;)

We got there pretty early so we could get a good seat...remember there are 220 students!  We sat behind friends of ours from church/the big girls' form preschool teacher.  I didn't even think to ask which side of the stage Mackenzie would be on when we sat down and by the time I remembered, the place was getting full, so of course we were sitting on the opposite side. :(

Walking in...

There's a benefit to both of our girls being pretty tall...they are always in the back row where I can see them. ;)

Mackenzie had been singing these songs around the house for weeks, so we new them a little already. They all did so well and definitely had the hand gestures and actions down!

Mackenzie didn't ask for any speaking or special rolls.  She was content to just sing on the risers.

They stood by classes, so all of these kids are her friends in her class and they are all super sweet!

What made it even more fun was that their switch teacher (math/science), played the role of the applicant who tasted the pea.

Which in the play, means she got the job and became their new principal!

They all did a great job and luckily, you could buy a dvd of the performance, so I made sure I had that since I was only taking photos from the other side of the room! Ha!

At their school, every grade level does a different musical performance, so I'll get to help with the 2nd grade musical 2 more times! ;)  Next year, Mackenzie will do a Veterans Day performance for 3rd grade.

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