Friday, June 16, 2017

Kindergarten Makeover

Back in May, all of Kindergarten participated in a parent makeover day.  I wasn't able to go to Mackenzie's when she was in kinder because I couldn't find a babysitter for both girls, but I did get to go to Meredith's.

We each got a lovely card they made for Mother's Day.

Here is the Q/A from the card above:
What is your mom really good at?  ART
What does your mom do to relax?  PLAY ON THE IPAD
Where does your mom like to shop?  KROGER
How old is your mom?  36
What do you love most about your mom?  BRINGS ME TO SCHOOL
If you could buy your mom anything, what would it be?  ROSES
What does your mom do while you're at school?  SHOPS

I brought my old make up for her to use, so neutral colors and I figured I wouldn't walk out of there with any crazy looks!  Other moms did not have this same philosophy and therefore came out looking like clowns!

See!  You can't really even tell I'm wearing makeup! yay!

It was a fun time with her and since it was only an hour to school was out I checked her and Mackenzie out early so that I wouldn't have to come back up to the school within the hour.  So even though, Mackenzie was a little bummed I didn't do this with her 2 years ago, she was glad I checked her out early. ;)

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