Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, I intended to wake up super early and have the girls hunt for eggs before bible class, but I accidentally turned off my alarm, so we skipped Bible Class. :/  However, that little bit of extra time gave us more time for pictures once we were dressed and ready for church.
The girls each got a giant egg filled with goodies and a beanie boo.

Meredith sees an egg! ;)

And now it's Miranda's turn to see an egg!

Last year, the Easter Bunny brought some candy that Mackenzie couldn't eat (starbursts because of her crowns) and she was a little frustrated that the Easter Bunny didn't know that! ;)  But thankfully, the Easter Bunny remembered this year and brought candy that everyone could eat!

One last look at their goodies before getting dressed for church.

I ordered their dresses and shoes about a month before Easter and they did not wear them at all before then.  Especially the shoes!  First up, the camera photos!

Then I let the girls have turns taking pictures of me and each girl.  Can you tell, Miranda took the picture of me and Meredith?

And then, Brandon was ready and could help us. ;)

Now for my big camera...

I posted these on Facebook last week and one of my friends said she thought it captured our girls' personalities really well.  I think it's funny how Mackenzie just stands there with her legs crossed in a "here we go again" type look. ;)

So sweet!

She didn't want her bracelets to fall off, so she held them on her arm.

I told Meredith she couldn't pose her arms and she got a little frustrated with me.

But eventually, I got her to smile...

A real smile...

A tolerant smile...

The back of the dress is pleated and so cute, so I had her turn a little bit to see it.  Her hair is getting so long and it's so pretty.  I tell her at least once a week how much I love her hair and wish it was mine. ;)

Here are the crossed legs again.

She's getting so tall!

And lastly, Mackenzie wanted to take a picture with my big camera.  It looks like Miranda has an attitude, but she's just holding her bracelets again. ;)

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