Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Easter Activities

As usual, we had several activities leading up to Easter.  Mackenzie and Meredith had Good Friday off, plus they had early dismissal on the Thursday before.  They actually got out of school before Miranda that day! ;)

I spent that Thursday going back and forth between our neighborhood and the girls' schools.  First I took the big girls to school and then Miranda and I came back home for about 45 minutes before leaving to take her to school.  This is how she wore her Easter Basket!

I stayed at Miranda's school to help out with their Easter Celebration/Game Day.  She actually hugged the Easter Bunny!
I think they probably like the parachute game the most.  Who doesn't love popping Easter eggs up and playing with a parachute?! ;)
Her class with the Easter Bunny.  She may be the youngest in her class, but she is one of the most well behaved in her class!

After that was complete, I had about an hour at home before I had to pick up Meredith and Mackenzie from school.  The three of us quickly at lunch at Wendy's because on early dismissal days the girls eat "lunch" at 9:40 and 10:00am!  I barely pack their lunch those days because I know they'll just be hungry again when they get home at 12:45.  We had fun just the 3 of us!

The many silly faces of Meredith!

Big eyes!!!
We left Wendy's pretty quickly because the girls had been invited to an Easter party that afternoon.  We got there a few minutes late and I had to drop them off, while I drove back to Miranda's school to pick her up!  I came back with Miranda and found several easter crafts and bunnies! ;)

We spent another hour over there, playing, eating, painting and playing games.  It was a great way to spend our early dismissal.

The next day on our day off, we did Easter crafts.  I know it looks like its the same day since Miranda is wearing the same clothes, but she likes to sleep in her clothes, so at this point they are pajamas! ;)

As usual, we had high expectations of what we would accomplish on our craft day.  We made black glue (glue and paint) and created lots of eggs for us to paint after they dried. 

Of course, after they dried the next day, we kind of lost interest.  We still have the stack of them.  Maybe we'll actually paint them this summer!

On Saturday, we dyed eggs and did experiments!  These are jelly beans soaking in water to see what happens.

We also soaked peeps in different liquids to see what happens.

The girls also had fun dying eggs.

I found it funny that Meredith's emoji egg kind of fit in with how she felt when one of her eggs fell and cracked!
Another Easter has come and gone.  On to Mother's Day!

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