Monday, June 12, 2017

April Misc photos

Lots of photos - Get ready!

Miranda waiting for the big girls to be ready for school! Ha!

I took Meredith and Miranda to a birthday party at a jumping place.  I was surprised when Miranda happily climbed the stairs for the big slide all by herself!

We had a huge ordeal that morning about the gift we gave.  I insisted that we give away one of our many bead craft boxes we had received at Christmas and still hadn't completed 4 months later.  There were lots. of. tears.  I was wondering how Meredith would react when her friend opened the gift, but she did really well. ;)

By Sunday night, 6 kids that had gone to that party had thrown up, including Meredith, so she stayed home with me on Monday.  She insisted that we do school that day at home.  This was the week before Easter I think, so we did lots of Easter printables.

Coloring and tracing...

Miranda also needed her own notebook...

Matching...Meredith matched words to pictures and Miranda just matched pictures.

Writing a story and simple math.

I read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick...
and the girls colored the pictures as they heard me read the objects she swallowed.

More math for Meredith and size sorting for Miranda.

Tracing and word searches.

Meredith did well with filling in missing letters and completing patterns.

Dot markers make any activity super fun!

Miranda impressed me again with her pattern skills.

And of course there is always cutting involved!

After about an hour, I pulled out the sensory bin and they had fun playing with that.  They also made a huge mess that we had to clean up!

One day, I had to work at the shcool for the second grade performance decorations and Miranda joined me.  She looked so cute with her backpack on.

Meredith is a very picky eater.  There is often a lot of tears at night if I make them eat something that isn't chicken nuggets, pizza or spaghetti.  On this particular night, I made alfredo pasta with bits of ham.  I made Meredith try one piece of ham.  After that she could pick it out if she wanted.  This is what I found at the end of the meal.  It says, "Meredith does not like this food at all!"

I volunteered at Mackenzie's grade level science day.

I actually helped in the camouflage station, but I was able to see Mackenzie in the other stations too.

Since Miranda is so good when we are at the school, the program director let me bring Miranda that day.  We were there for 2 hours and she did great!  Between classes, she was able to play a little bit at the stations.

This was her little spot while we were there!

Brandon and I attended one of our annual Galas we go to every April.

Silly Miranda waiting for her bible class teacher...

We had a new roof installed and there was lots of excitement the morning they started taking the old roof off!

At age 3, Miranda really likes dressing herself.  These are just some of the outfits she wears.

This one was actually pajama day at her school.  Her shirt says "No prob-llama."
Miranda promoted in her swim class at the end of April!  She is now officially a "Dolphin"!  Which means, that if she were to fall in the water she SHOULD be able to float on her back and/or flip over occasionally to swim until she reaches an edge.  I say should, because she does great in swim lessons, but you never know what will happen in an actual accident.  I obviously still keep an eye on her at the pool.

One morning we went to breakfast at ihop.  Meredith wanted to wear her hair like a girl on a TV show we had been watching.

The left picture is Meredith pretending to be our fish, Splash, who sticks his bottom lip out.  The right picture is her yummy "cupcake" pancakes!

Shopping later that morning and they all wanted to sit down.

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