Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Work or Play weekend?

Back in March, Brandon and I had a weekend of activities for his company.  First, we headed to his company's share holders meeting in New Braunfels.  I have no pictures of this event, but it was still fun.  We left on Friday afternoon, so we had the drive there to talk by ourselves without anyone interrupting.  Then we had dinner that night with several of his coworkers, followed by a reception that we thought would just have finger foods, hense the dinner we ate before hand.  Everything was in the hotel, so it made it easy to go back up to our room and go to bed without worrying about tucking in any kids!

The next morning, was the actual meeting.  It ended around 1 and Brandon and I immediately left and ate lunch at Panera Bread on our way to Sonora Texas!  We arrived at the finest hotel in town - the Best Western and quickly changed into our dressy clothes for the Gala we were attending that night.  One of Brandon's bosses drove us to the ranch where the event was.  We all got out of the car and then an SUV from the ranch picked us up and drove us out to the airplane hanger where the party was!!!

We had no idea what we were headed to, other than a dinner and small concert.  As it turns out, it was a really cool event and didn't require any networking like we thought it would, so we were able to relax with his coworkers and bosses and all of their spouses.

This was where are table was when Terry McBride was singing. ;)

The ranch owner's airplane had to be parked outside while we all ate dinner inside.  As it turns out the ranch owner is related to Brandon's boss, so that's why we even went to this event.

After the live auction, Aaron Watson performed and it was awesome.  I had only heard his name a few times before this and hadn't listened to his music at all because I listen to kids music in my car, but I loved it!  This picture is from one of Brandon's coworkers.  Since the event was private, you could get right up next to the stage and take pictures all you wanted!

These are my pictures and I also got some cool video.

It was so nice to relax and enjoy a great date night, not to mention the entire weekend together!

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