Friday, May 5, 2017

Second Grade Author Event - Mackenzie

Macknzie had an event at school back in March that parents were invited to.  Each student had written a realistic fiction story, so they made a "Second Grade Author" event where every student read the blurb on the back of their "book".

They did it by switch classes, so we had to listen to 40 student blurbs, but it was really cute.  As we got there, each child walked their parent down the "red carpet".  She didn't want to stop for a picture so this is as best I got down the hallway.

Mackenzie was one of the last kids so she had to sit patiently on the floor while we heard the other 38 students talk. ;)

After the readings, we got to have snacks, do a photo booth...

and get autographs!

Meanwhile, Miranda played at a friend of mine's house.  Her youngest is Mackenzie's friend so Miranda had the house to herself with all kinds of "new to her" toys.  She was in heaven!  She goes back next Friday while I attend an event for Meredith. ;)

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