Monday, May 29, 2017

MKM field day

Remember way back 2 months ago when I posted about the big girls' field day?  Well, Miranda joined me on Meredith's day.  We were there for Meredith's at 8:30 and we stayed for 5th grade (I think).  She sat with Meredith's class during hers, but afterwards, I pulled her off to the side and she was content for the next hour or so playing with her dolls and the ipad!

She is such a trooper when it comes to hanging out with me at school functions.  She has done so many activities with me this year and this is the reason why - because she's so good.  I do know my limits though and if it's getting to be too much, we leave.  For instance, I had planned for us to stay for one more event - even packed lunches for us, but it was just too chilly and windy.  We left right after this and picked up lunch as a reward! ;)

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