Monday, April 3, 2017

Valentine's Parties

Valentine's Day was a crazy day in our house this year!  All three girls had parties at school and two of them overlapped, so Brandon and I had to do some split parenting!

After dropping off the big girls at school, I took Miranda to school and did a quick photo booth picture with her since I couldn't be at lunch with her.
Brandon went up to her school for lunch later and got a better photo booth picture! ;)

I couldn't go to Miranda's lunch because I am the homeroom mom for Meredith's class and I had to lead the party which overlapped Miranda's lunch.  After the Thanksgiving party, I had only taken one picture of Meredith at her party, so I tried my best to take more pictures of her between our different tasks.  This isn't the greatest picture of us, but at least she know I was there! Ha!

Of course, she loved the crafting and even managed to figure out how to scrape glitter off a sticker to add to her valentine for Mrs. Van Cleave. ;)

The end of the party included ice cream sundaes and pin the lips on the frog with a picture of their teacher on the face. ;)

Before and after Meredith's party I took pictures of other class parties for the yearbook.  I also took pictures of Mackenzie's class for the yearbook, but I was still able to focus on her too. ;)

They may cute little thumb print art that is still hanging up in our kitchen. ;)  (Meredith also made a hand craft in the shape of a heart but I don't have a picture.)

Mackenzie and one of her good friends.  They've been in the same class for 2 years.

One of the games was like musical chairs or cake walks.  The kids were so funny walking around the hearts on the floor.

It came down to Mackenzie and one of her other good friends.

They pretty much tied when the music stopped.  There wasn't a prize for winning so it didn't really matter who won.

After Mackenzie's party I went back to the PTA room and helped clean up all of the party supplies that room moms brought back.  Then it was time for us to go home after school.  I was so worn out and pretty thankful that Brandon and I don't really celebrate V-day with dinner because I would have been too tired to eat out.

Next year I don't plan on being home room mom for either girls and V-day will be on a Friday and Miranda will celebrate the day before, so things should go a lot smoother even if I still take pictures for the yearbook.

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