Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Other V-Day festivities

Two weekends before Valentines day we went to a V-day part at our friend's house.  Lots and lots of treats!  I think besides Christmas, Valentine's Day is the easiest holiday to make treats/desserts for.

The kids played bingo...

...pin the something on something (ha!) and exchanged valentines!

They also did a craft, so lots of fun was had!

Even Brandon joined in some of the fun!

A very cute group of kids from church.  This is part of the youth group that our girls will eventually be a part of and I can't wait to see all these great kids in their teenage years!

As an added bonus, I went to this party not feeling my best, thinking my allergies were just acting up causing me to have a cough and scratchy throat.  I even held an 8 month old but was sure not to cough on her.  As it turns out I actually had the flu - was diagnosed the next day!  Thankfully, none of the kids or adults at this party got the flu.

These are the flowers Brandon gave me for Valentine's day.  They were so pretty and lasted for a long time.  The girls also got flowers, but I forgot to take pictures. ;)

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