Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mackenzie's Challenge Field Trip

Mackenzie had her Challenge (GT) field trip in February and I was able to be a chaperone.  It's a small group of kids, so I was able to walk around with just Mackenzie and one of her friends for about an hour.  They were so much fun!  The trip was to the Museum of Natural Science, which Mackenzie and I have been to several times, but her class mate had not, so we got to take her around.

They were so cute holding hands together.

Going to the museum with these two is pretty cute, because they are both GT kids and are really interested in finding out more information of whatever we were looking at.  The only downside is that we were limited on time because we had to keep to a specific schedule.

Of course, we did have time for silliness, too!

Looking at the dinosaur bones from above is always cool too.  It's amazing how big they were.

This was in the Texas Wildlife exhibit when we realized we were supposed to be writing down 3 facts from each exhibit we we had to read. Ha!

This is Meredith's favorite part of the museum - I have no idea why - so we took a picture just for her. ;)

After about an hour, we met the other second graders at the Egypt exhibit for our own personal tour with a docent.
 Six GT girls on a tour of Egyptian culture when they had just finished studying archeology in class is pretty cool to see.  They had questions, new lots of answers and in general were very interested in what the docent had to say.

After the tour we walked across the street for lunch and then went back to the museum for the planetarium show.  They all studied astronomy last year, so again they were interested in this exhibit too and knew a lot of the answers!

And just like that the trip was over.  :(  I had fun with Mackenzie and hope I get to do it again next year!

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