Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mackenzie's 2nd Grade Field Day

Last week was Field Day for all the grade levels. It was spread out over 2 days and Mackenzie's grade level was on Tuesday. I was able to attend by myself since Miranda was at school. I also took pictures for the yearbook, so I was able to get some really good photos that parents and teachers don't usually get. ;)

As they waited for Field day to start, their teacher had them huddle up.  Can you tell her husband is a coach?! ;)

Field Day is not like it was when I was a kid...at least not at this school.  They do 8 relay races with 10 kids in each relay.  Basically, every kid participates 4 times each.  By this grade they are picking the ones they want to participate in, but in kindergarten the teacher usually just randomly selects the kids and events.  She was the anchor in one of the races - hurdles.  Which doesn't really mean anything at this grade level, it just happens to be where she was in line. ;)

The school year theme is sports, so every event involved a different sport.  In another relay she rand down the field with a baskball and had to make a hoop.  Grades 3-5 actually kept score to add to their point total, but not in second grade.

Between races, her class was cheering on their classmates.  There are 10 second grade classes in her school and there have always been 10 or 11 classes per grade level, so for the past 2 years she's been in the classes that receive the blanket participant ribbon.  This year she was determined to actually place.  Her whole class was keeping track of every win they had and were pretty confident they were in first place.

Carry a tennis ball on a racket...

Tents and hurdles...I think it was called the Manning challenge because they had to throw and catch a football at the end. ;)

After their classmate catches the ball they threw, they switch places with them and wait for the next classmate to run the challenge and throw the ball to them.  I was really curious if Mackenzie was going to be able to catch the ball as I am not very coordinated in that department. ;)

I was hoping maybe she had gotten Brandon's genes...but alas, she did not! ;)

At the end of all the sports relays they had a teacher only activity.  The teachers had one minute to get 10 spinning things into a bucket.

You should have heard all the cheering!  Basically 200 second graders were cheering for their teachers!  It was really fun to watch.  Although, as I look at this picture, it looks like Mackenzie's class is just watching and hoping Mrs. Russel win. ;)

The final challenge was an over/under race and I think they came in second place.

We took a class picture just before they left.  Such a sweet group of kids.

Mrs. Russell told them to hold up their fingers since they were number one as far as they were concerned.  The scores hadn't been tallied, so they weren't positive.  We took a picture anyway!

And sure enough, Mackenzie walked out of school an hour later holding a blue ribbon!  She was so excited and immediately hung it up on her picture board in her bedroom. ;)

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