Wednesday, April 5, 2017

February Miscellaney

This miscellaney post has a LOT of pictures. You've been warned. ;)  Remember for the first half of February we were still dealing with health issues, so a lot of these photos are between the craziness.

This one was a fun morning walking the girls to school...Nothing like a 3 year old playing a recorder while walking to school! ha!  After school we went shoe shopping.  Meredith really liked her new shoes!

We went to a friends' basketball game and Meredith and Miranda had a lot more fun playing with her sister than watching Jessie play. ;)

Go Jessie!  It's always fun to support a friend when her team is called the Aggies!  This is the day of the Valentine's party at their house and also the day before I found out I had the flu!

Miranda did very well on the Monday I had the flu.  I was feeling pretty miserable, so I gave her the ipad for her to play with while I rested and did nothing but cough, blow my nose and sleep. ;)

Cutie Miranda later in the week before school.  I think this must have been Thursday after I was feeling much better.

You can kind of see the rash on Mackenzie when she had Fifth's Disease.  The redness on her cheek was all over her body and really pink on her arms, legs and cheeks.  This is us after we went to the doctor to confirm our theory and to be told its a virus and there's nothing else we can do. :(

The next day, Mackenzie and I got our hair cut.  Mackenzie's hair was tickling her back and shoulders and it was making her rash itch even more, so we cut it off!  You can see the rash on her arms.  Once we realized that the sun upset the rash even more, we were able to get it under control.  That Saturday was the worst it got.

Silly girls before church!

You never know what Miranda is going to bring to school.  Also, sometimes, Miranda and I have random morning day dates at the donut shop. ;)

Just about every Wednesday night after church, these silly girls try to go home with each other.  On this particular day, the Speer girls even got in our car in an effort to make us give them a slumber party.

Another school morning.  This time, Miranda sat on the bench while I walked the girls to the door.  She was so cute when I walked back around and she was rocking and talking to her baby doll.

This is one of my new favorite pictures of Miranda.  They had just gotten new book lights and she was ready to use it.  Plus she found some pajama pants that were way to big for her!  Brandon stuck her lovey in them and she walked around and SLEPT with it in them the entire night! ;)

We had big hail storm in February and it mad our porch and front yard look like we had snow!  Miranda said, "This is so cool.  It looks like I'm walking in snow!"

She had so much fun that she passed out on the couch!

We went to a birthday party in late February for one of Miranda's friends and Meredith joined us.  However she didn't want to play with the kids, so she hung out in my lap.  yippeee.

Miranda's friend had a dog wandering the house, so Miranda stayed curled up on the couch despite that Belle, showed up at the party.

Another good friend from school.  She has an Olivia and a Lydia in her class, so she calls this friend Olydia. ;)

Miranda got in line to get make up, but then chickened out and only Meredith got the make over (of my kids).

Meredith taking the princess oath!

Crazy Miranda!  Just a random Saturday for her!

This day was particularly fun!  The night before Miranda said she didn't want to eat her spaghetti at dinner.  So, because she didn't want to eat it, she went to bed without any food.  I offered it to her again at breakfast and she refused.  She was only allowed to have water until she ate her food.  It was a nice day, so I took her to the playground in the hopes to use her energy and she would be hungry!

At lunch she refused it again and started to cry.  I told her she could eat it or take a nap and she chose a nap!

Finally, after she napped she woke up and agreed to eat her spaghetti if I fed her.  This crazy girl was all smiles.

I think her teenage years are going to be super fun!

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