Friday, March 31, 2017

Rodeo Day

Kindergarten had a "Rodeo Day" back in February and Meredith was super excited to dress up!  Parents are not invited, but I went up there to take pictures for the yearbook.  Unfortunately, I missed Meredith's group, but based on the pictures I took of the other kids, I know all of the kids had fun!

Before school she loved posing for pictures!

Miranda also insisted on dressing up!

I did manage to surprise the girls with lunch since I had to take yearbook photos. ;)

Miranda was my tagalong while I took pictures and wasn't too happy that she didn't get to join in the fun, so we had a rodeo of our own! ;)

Roping a cow...or elephant!

I love how her eyes are closed!

Yay! She made it!

She threw the hula hoop so many times! And every picture I have in the middle of a throw, her eyes are closed!

No wonder she missed a lot! ;)

She may or may not have added this one while looking. ;)

Now it's time for the unicorn and pony races!

I think she'll be super excited for her kinder rodeo in 3 years!

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