Friday, March 24, 2017

Miranda's crazy outfit!

One morning in January we woke up to ice in the trees, so obviously it was super cold outside!  Miranda's clothing and shoes matched, but her "outer wear" was another story!  Puffy jacket, Frozen themed mittens, camouflage knit hat and fake Barbie glasses!  

I was still trying to do my photography challenge, so I took some pictures of her outside.  We were only out there for a little bit since it was so cold.

One of the three silliest girls I know!

 It doesn't look so crazy when all the colors are turned black and white!

I wish you could see the ice better on the trees since that's what she's looking at. ;)

I'm not super excited about the heat that will be here in a month or two, but I'm so thankful it's not that cold anymore!

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