Monday, March 20, 2017

Meredith's book

A few months ago, Meredith made a book for us. She received some little journals from a friend and she used that as the base. She did everything by herself with out any help, except for the word penguin and Christmas. I'll translate the story for you. ;)

This is the cover, but since she wrote on top of the already decorated cover, it's hard to read. ;)  It says "The Penguin Christmas by Meredith Meyers"

"Once there was a penguin family and it was their Christmas season."

"and they were excited.  So excited.  They wanted it to be Christmas NOW!"

"But it was not Christmas yet, but they thought it was."

"But they were so excited they just couldn't wait for Christmas... be here.  They just couldn't wait for Christmas to be here!"

"They wanted it to be Christmas!"

"and finally it was Christmas and all the penguins were happy!"

She is so creative and I'm so proud of her for writing all of this and sounding out all the words.  I can't wait to see future books of hers!

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