Tuesday, March 21, 2017

January Miscellaney

Yay, I'm finished with January before March is over! Below are all of the photos that I didn't put in a regular blog post. Basically, all of our craziness summed up in one post!

For Christmas, Santa brought the girls and ice cream maker in the shape of a ball that you roll around to freeze.  The girls had fun rolling it around for about 40 minutes!  Not sure we'll do this all of the time, but it is a cool idea.

On our last day of Christmas vacation we crafted and played with some of their new Christmas activity boxes.  Meredith received a really cute clothing designer box.  You can wrap the fabric around the model and design different dresses.  It has little wedges you use to hold the fabric in place.  The only down side is that you aren't actually making permanent dresses, so we just had to take pictures to keep track of what we designed.

On that same day we also made our gingerbread house.  It doesn't have to be an actual Christmas activity right?  ;)

Silly girls while we wait for food!

Very rarely do we go through the car rider line for school drop off because the girls despise it so much.  However, when the morning temperature is below 32 degrees, I bribe with donuts and ipads so that I don't have to freeze walking them to school!

I did blog about Miranda's crazy winter clothes, but here she is again.  She even went with me into the girls' school for a yearbook meeting I attended. ;)

Lunch with friends is alway fun!

I love reading the girls writings from school.  Here's Mackenzie's story that is supposed to be based on real life.  I'll type it below.

"Getting Ready for Christmas by Mackenzie Meyers
It was almost December 1.  I was so excited.  Christmas is my favorite holiday ever.  I asked my mom if we can please get ready for Christmas.  'yes' she said.  My mom took all of the decorations our.  Me and my sisters Meredith and Miranda started setting thigns up while my mom was getting the stockings.  Suddenly my mom came into the room and said 'the stockings are gone!'  She said she looked everywhere so we didn't look in the house.  We looked in the stores.  We looked in a lot of stores.  Finally we found a store with stockings."

This is based on a true story, but I'm pretty sure I didn't' suddenly come in and say "The stockings are gone!" ;)  Also I bought the stockings online, so we didn't go to a store at all.  The crazy thing about all of this, is that I found the lost stockings and a few other decorations when I put all of the Christmas decorations away a week after Christmas!

Meredith's truthful writing is even funnier!
"And at bedtime my sister threw up in her bed."
It even comes with a picture of Mackenzie in her bed with red throw up. ;)  Mackenzie wasn't too thrilled about this story.

Some really good friends of ours have 2 girls that are in the grades between our 3 girls.  On wednesday nights after bible class, the girls have started lining up in "age order" to leave the building.  It's blurry, but these 5 girls are crazy!

We were having so much fun up to this point in January.  Nothing wrong until Meredith woke up with pink eye on a Thursday.

Her sisters had school that day, so we had the day to ourselves after the doctor's visit.   We played a lot of games!

And on Friday, she insisted we do school!

These two girls and I LOVE the queso at Jimmy Changas!  IT's so delicious.  We usually try to eat here at least once during the school year and once during the summer by ourselves.

Miranda and I made it to a ladies bible class this year and went to lunch with friends afterwards.  The kids had their own table.

Brandon and I had our annual gala we go to in January of every year.

This is what happens when you try to take a picture with 3 little girls.

Not sure what we are doing here, but I like the picture.  I'm sure someone is sick here. Ha!

In January we also added our first pet!  Meet Splash, our beta fish!

On Sundays during church, the girls are expected to participate in prayers and singing.  Once our preacher stands up on stage to give the sermon, they are allowed to read, draw or do stickers.  Meredith goes through so much paper and often I complain about having to constantly supply her with more every Sunday, but then I clean out her "art" and find these wonderful gems!

I will not complain about paper usage anymore!:)

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