Saturday, March 18, 2017

December Misc (2016)

Time for my December photos from my phone...aka December randomness!  I don't even remember whose birthday party we were going but we were ready! ;)

Until Santa brought her a stroller for her baby, Miranda was content bringing her grocery cart with her baby doll along for the ride as we walk the girls to school.  I couldn't resist taking pictures of Miranda's pig tails.

Eating a lemon at ihop.  She really sucked a lot of juice out of it and seemed to like it despite the faces she made.

We went to a baby shower for one of Brandon's co-workers and Meredith really like the cupcakes!  Meredith also let me do fun pigtails with her hair one day!

Pajama day for school is always so much fun!  It's a good thing Tiny knew they had pajama day and brought them new Christmas pajamas! ;)

It's also pretty fun when your friend from school has the same pajamas!

On the last day of school before the Christmas Break, the girls and I went to see a musical performed by some of our friends from church.  No pictures from the play itself, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Based on the clothes the girls are wearing I'm assuming I had nursery duty at church on the same day as the gingerbread house party we went to on a previous post!  The girls love when I have nursery duty and they get to come with me.

On another day, we all ventured to our new hunting/sporting goods store.  The girls liked the animal exhibit.

Mackenzie went out for the day with a friend to the movies and lunch over the christmas break and Meredith was upset she couldn't go, so we had a craft/art day.

And of course, Miranda and I got to go to the after hours clinic from 7-8 on Christmas Eve!  She got a sticker and a Popsicle for doing so well with the flu and strep tests, both of which were negative.

Mackenzie with one of her good friends from school at our Cookie swap.

December posts for 2016 are officially finished!  It only took me 3 months, but at least they are done!  Now to get caught up on January and February before March is finished!

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