Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Allyson's lamb

Back in January, the girls and I went to the school district's barn to meet our babysitter's lamb she's raising for the local livestock show.  We went especially for Meredith since she enjoyed the horses so much at Mamaw's.  We wore our boots just incase there was mud and "other" stuff on the ground. ;)

 I got 2 photos of Miranda petting Lily and then I had to hold her for the remainder of the time. :(

Lily had just been sheared the day before so she wasn't quite as soft as she could have been, but the girls still enjoyed petting her.

Lily ate the entire time we were there, although since that's why we were there, its understandable. ;)

Meredith even helped with the second container of food.

"Meredith did you have a good time?"  "Yes!"

On the way out, a student was feeding their pig and the girls got to pet it.  It was huge!

We left and the girls both wanted a pig and a goat! thank you!

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