Thursday, March 16, 2017

A visit to Mamaw's

During the Christmas holidays we visited Brandon's grandmother.  We hadn't seen Mamaw in almost 5 years.  Meredith was only 7 months old, so obviously she hadn't even met Miranda!  Sure, she had heard lots of stories and seen pictures, but she hadn't seen them in person!

We arrived just before lunch and so we just visited and talked for awhile before we had lunch.

 Is it just me or is Mackenzie looking too old in this picture?!

Meredith was obsessed with Mamaw's dog!  She let her lick her all over her hands and arms!

Miranda really liked her too!

Some randomness while visiting...

Miranda did summersaults, Mackenzie did the splits and Meredith did backbends!  Because you know, you have to show off for your great grandmother!

Mamaw brought out one of her special dolls and Miranda LOVED it!

Mamaw said she had a shirt similar to Miranda's so she pulled it out for us to see!  And of course, Meredith spent every moment she could with the dog

After lunch, I took the girls outside to see the animals.  Like, Mackenzie, Meredith is looking too old!  What is happening to my "little" girls?! ;)

When we walked outside, the cattle were near us on the other side of the creek...or in it. ;)

Miranda fell on the cattle guard and started crying.

The cows didn't really like that, so they all left in a bit of a hurry.  I don't blame them! ;)

My girls just exploring the large open space.  Sometimes I wish we had this, but then I think about how much I like having everything near us and my wish disappears!  The girls had fun though!

Aunt Geri came out and took us for a ride to see the cattle that had run away!  They thought we were bringing food, so they got in our way.

It's zoomed out, but there was a cute little calf in the field.

When we headed back to the house, we found the horses and Meredith fell in love. ;)

Uncle Bubba wasn't there, so we couldn't ride them, but the girls thoroughly enjoyed petting them!

Miranda was a little loud, so Gerri had to show her how to be quiet when petting the horse.

Meredith said her favorite area to pet was where the leg met the body. ;)  She just stood and pet one horse for the most part.


Hopefully we can go again soon and she can ride one.

Of course, imaginary tractor rides were on the agenda too!

And more hugs and visits before we had to leave.

 Check out Miranda's toes!


We had such a wonderful visit and will do our best not to let it go that long before visiting again!

Just for fun I found the picture of Meredith on the horse the last time we visited!  I guess we helped her fall in love at just 7 months old! ha!

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