Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 Father Daughter Dinner

I'm not finished with 2016 activities, but I wanted to post one of our more recent activities since those photos have been edited.  For the last 3 years, a couple of my good friends and I have coordinated the Father/Daughter Dinner at our church for girls in Kinder through 12th grade and their fathers.  This year's theme was Broadway and we expanded it to New York City in the last 2 weeks! ;)  It was crazy hectic for a few weeks, but it turned out great and everyone said it was wonderful.  So as long as people continue to like them, we'll continue to coordinate them.

We had lots more planned for the outside - lights and music, but we ran out of time, so we just had posters that I made so that everyone could see what shows were available for the night.

The entry with the tkts store and a newsstand.

Newsstand - more for the end where everyone could take an apple home as a party favor.  You know, "Thanks for taking a bite out of the Big Apple with us."

I made posters for each table/musical represented.

As the guests came in, we checked off their name and they were give their tickets to their table.

And as each table filled up, we added "sold out" signs to each poster.  It was a cute little effect.

We had 9 tables each decorated with a different theme/musical.  My friend Becky did the city scape on the stage with just simple black bulletin board paper!

And of course we had to have an image of Times Square for everyone to see!

We decided to serve appetizers this year.  The choice was made because we wanted to serve food that was based on different musicals represented at the tables.

Elphaba's green veggies and Galinda's white dip from Wicked.

Mary Poppins umbrellas made with cheese and pretzels!

Ariel's seaweed dip and sanddollars from The Little Mermaid.

Popcorn served in newspaper cups to represent the Newsies musical.

I made a photo booth with strips of fabric and of course you have to have goofy NYC props. ;)

9 tables, 9 musicals!
Beauty and the Beast
We borrowed the candle holder and the rose in the glass, but we did buy the table cloth!  My mother in law happily bought it in Round Rock and brought it to  us so that we didn't have to pay shipping! ;)

We borrowed the hat and the shoes are Miranda's, but we did buy the broom and the plastic ball ornaments.

The cleaning set, Miranda got for Christmas and we painted the NYC letters ourself.

Mary Poppins
The carpet bag is my luggage I received from my grandparents at my highschool graduation and I bought the umbrella, gloves and chimney sweep.  My friend made the chalk art that says Supercali...

And the medicine bottle is actually my friends medicine for her son who broke his arm 2 weeks before!

All the newspapers and hat were from my friend's house and the crate was from our church's storage closet.

My friend was able to borrow all kinds of Moroccan themed items for our Aladdin table.

And the chest and coins were also from our church's VBS closet!

The Lion King
I think we bought the leaf placemats and the candies, but the remainder was found at our houses or in the wonderful VBS closet!

Phantom of the Opera
We bought the mask and the roses, but the music box is mine, the holder is from my friend's house and we printed the music, which isn't even from the musical. ;)

The Little Mermaid
We bought the shells, the candelabra and the shark gummies.  Everything else is from various church storage closets.

This little display was fun.  I found the candelabra at Good will for $2 and then we just hot glued plastic cutlery in the candle holders!  So cheap and very cute!

 Our Central Park was added 2 days before the event, with everything except the picnic blanket and basket found at church!

I added the Grafitti wall 1 day before the event!

We have way too much chalk at home!

We also added "city tours" for the girls using our ipads.  They were able to see one of those 360 viewers to see different popular areas of the city.

We did an easy dinner and served NY style pizza and hot dogs!

We made this sign using a heart we find in valentines' clearance and paper mache letters that we bought and painted.

Dessert table with 8 out of 9 musicals represented!  "Spoonfuls of sugar" from mary poppins and oreos served in the newspapers cups for Newsies.

 We also had a chocolate fountain and animal crackers so that the "animals" could have a "mud bath" for Lion King.

Various desserts on this cute building tower.  The cups contain the "grey stuff" from Beauty and the Beast.  It was delicious!

Elphaba hats for Wicked.

 Phantom of the Opera pretzels.

Ariels oysters!

Annie lockets - sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles.

Meredith and Mackenzie were one of the first to try the ipad tours.

This picture makes me think of people watching in NYC.  You never know what you are going to see! ;)

I'm not to excited about the lighting at the photo booth and may need to invest in a better lighting system for portraits, but here are Brandon and the big girls.

The girls and their friends.

And this is such a sweet picture of Meredith and our babysitter Allyson.  This is Allyson's last father daughter dinner since she graduates in May and Meredith's first dinner!  So sweet, with the exception of the mustache! ;)

After the night was over and everyone was cleaning up, Meredith and Mackenzie asked to eat the shark gummies and take their picture up on stage.  What's really funny is that this picture looks like Meredith is singing on stage, but she's really just about to bite into her shark gummy!

Another great year!  Can't wait until next year.  Well, actually I can wait. ;)

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