Monday, March 13, 2017

2016 Christmas Vacation

After celebrating Christmas with family, we headed to the Gaylord Texan for our mini vacation.  We got there late that first night, so first thing the next morning we got up and went downstairs!  Glass in the elevator sure makes the elevator ride a lot of fun!

The girls thought it was so cool that we were inside a building even though it looked like we were outside!

After walking around a bit we headed to the ICE exhibit.  This is what happens when you wait in a lobby with 3 young girls - lots of blurriness! ;)

The ICE exhibit was super neat and really really cold!!!  We were one of the first ones in, so there wasn't a long line and we got to see all of the "extra stuff" they have on display for the usual wait.  Not sure why Miranda hugged this toy box, but it was cute.

And finally we walked into the cooler area to get our parkas!

Here we go!  All dressed up and ready for the cold!

I love how the parka was too big for Miranda and her arms just hung out!  Too funny!

Apparently, the ICE exhibit chooses a different theme every year and this year's theme was Santa Claus is comin' to Town!  It was perfect for us because on Christmas Eve this is the movie the girls chose to watch.  So, the movie was fresh in their minds (3 days before) and they recognized all of the sculptures!

This is all ice and it's amazing!

I'm pretty sure they do this part every year and at least 2 of our 3 girls liked it! ;)


An ice nativity scene!

We made it through the exhibit pretty quickly since it was NINE degrees inside and we are southeast Texans not used to anything below 30 degrees!  Miranda's steroid for her sinuses kicked in and she was pretty active!

Just hanging out in ornament chairs!

Mackenzie's favorite part was the snow tubing!  No one else wanted to do it, so she did it by herself and loved it!

Meanwhile, I waited around with Miranda and Meredith...

Afterwards we had lunch and said "outside".  The girls thought it was really neat to eat next to a "river". ;)

I thought Miranda was pretty excited about her cupcake, but then she started spreading the icing around her plate.  The medicine was making her fairly crazy at this point. :(

Later that evening after naps, I took the big girls downstairs to see the hotel all lit up.

Me and my two oldest!  Mackenzie was complaining of an itchy head a few minutes after this.  Looking back she probably had lice already and we had no idea!  That's also probably when Meredith got it since they shared a bed together.

I really like this picture of me and Mackenzie, just before we left the next morning.  It was a quick trip, but it was fun!  Expensive, but fun.  Probably won't do it again, but it was fun! ;)

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