Monday, March 27, 2017

100th day of school

In January the big girls school celebrated the 100th day of school. This was right in the middle of all of our sicknesses. Mackenzie and Miranda were staying home because they had a fever on Sunday and Monday. Looking back, this is when Mackenzie had Fifth's Disease - the rash would show up a week later.  Anyways, Mackenzie was very disappointed to be missing school on the 100th day of school, so I told her she could still dress up while we took Meredith to school.  Plus, I had volunteered weeks before this to take picture of the kids at the entry for yearbook, so I had to go anyway.

I bought the glasses at the dollar store and the scarves in the 3 dollar bins at Target.  We had everything else.  Miranda was going through a phase of wanting to wear footy pajamas every day, so that was actually her dressed. ;)

Meredith wore her hair in a bun and the closest thing we had to gray hair spray was blue glitter spray.  You could barely see it, but we tried. ;)

It was a little chilly that morning, so these girls were ready for me to finish taking pictures!

On top of all that, we had to go to the doctor that day for Mackenzie's infected wart. :(  We had already been the Friday before and after 4 days of medicine and cream, the wart was worse.  The doctor informed us that she had a type of antibiotic resistant staph infection, so we had to change medicines.  After that doctors visit, we went to eat at Slim Chickens for lunch.   The girls were clearly feeling much better!

Dessert was a must after the weekend and start of the week we had been having!

We had 2 days after this of no illness.  By Friday I woke up feeling crummy and was diagnosed with the flu on Sunday.  That same day is when we first noticed Mackenzie's fifth's disease rash...exactly one week after the start of her fever.  That was a super fun time in my life. Ha!  But at lease we somewhat enjoyed this day!

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