Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Meyers Christmas

The day after Christmas, we loaded up the car and headed to Dallas to see Brandon's family for Christmas!  We stayed for lunch, gift exchange, dinner and dessert.

It's probably been a few years since all three brothers were photographed together.

 And probably even longer since Cindy had a picture with all 3.

Meredith likes animals after she gets to know them, but at first she's really scared.  This is how she interacted with Casey and Virginie's dogs. ;)

All of the grand children!  It took a lot of silliness by Virginie to get all 5 smiling...sort of.

I'm not sure if these two were talking to each other or just sitting on the couch together.  Either way it makes for a cute picture.

Exchanging gifts is always my favorite part.  Not because we get gifts but because of the family time we have sitting in a circle.  So many cute pictures of all of us gathered together.

Uncle and nephew...


Sweet Gigi...

Dustin and Aubrey got all the kids real musical instruments - 2 each.

Then they started a band! ;)

After dinner the kids were excited to play Watch yo mouth.  In the end, they just played with the mouth pieces and we didn't actually play the game. ;)

 Miranda still wasn't feeling well, so she sat in my lap for most of the evening.  Gigi, tried to get her to play, but she didn't want to. :(

I'll end with this little gem...Indiana came asking for a bottle so they could play spin the bottle! We asked if he knew what it was and yes, in fact, he did know how it worked.  We handed them a sippy cup and said since they were related they could only hug each other! ;)  It was too funny!

Obviously, the kids had a lot of fun playing together and right about bed time we left to go to our hotel.  It was a great Christmas and can't wait until next year.

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