Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's comical

To say we've had a rough month would be an understatement...

Jan 12 - Meredith diagnosed with Pink Eye.  Meredith misses 2 days of school.
Jan 18 - Miranda has pink eye (but I caught it early and already had the drops)
Jan 19 - I found lice in Mackenzie and Meredith's hair at 7:55PM and Brandon was out of town!
Jan 20 - spent the day washing and combing mine and the big girls hair - girls miss school
Jan 20 - Mackenzie has fever - diagnosed with cold at after hours clinic (fever gone next day)
Jan 22 - Miranda has random rash appear all over her body that is itchy (rash gone by morning)
Jan 27 - Mackenzie diagnosed with a staph infection on a "water wart" on her leg and starts antibiotics)
Jan 29 - Mackenzie and Miranda wake up with fevers - no flu, no strep, just a cold/virus.  Mackenzie misses 2 days of school and Miranda 1.
Jan 31 - Mackenzie's leg gets worse - diagnosed with a MSRA and given stronger antibiotics. (leg improves in 2 days).
Feb 3 - I feel crummy with a random cough that appears out of nowhere.
Feb 5 - I am diagnosed with the flu
Feb 8 - I am diagnosed with broncial infection from the flu - get meds (dr. visit)
Feb 8 - Mackenzie has small rash on ankles
Feb 9 - Mackenzie's rash is spreading to her arms, face and torso

I'm currently waiting on a friend's sister (a dr) to look at my pictures of Mackenzie's rash to tell me if I need to be worried or if we've just gotten yet another odd and random illness.  I think it could be 5th disease because her cheek is red like it's been slapped, but who knows.  At this point all I can do is laugh at all of the ailments that are hitting us.  In the middle of all that, I had a friend have complications after having a baby and literally almost die, so it could be worse.  That's what I keep telling myself.  It could be way worse.

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