Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Haag Christmas - 2016

Our first Christmas celebration of the season is always at my parents' house.

Most of the cousins played together, while Miranda did her own thing. ;)

We had an appetizer dinner and boy did we have a LOT of appetizers!

 Not to mention desserts!

The adults got to open presents first this year, so this is just before the kiddos were kicked off the couch!
 And of course, I have no pictures of us opening gifts, but I promise we did.  ;)  Then it was time for the kids to take turns opening their gifts.

Mackenzie got lots of clothes and books - both of which she loves. ;)

Miranda got a new baby doll from Aaron and Courtney and she loved it!  It looks a little weird and moves its eyes when it cries and sucks on the passifier, but she doesn't care!

And Meredith LOVED her new mermaid blanket from Moshi and Gapa!

We got home late, but Brandon and I unpackaged all of the toys so the girls would be ready to play in the morning.  It was a perfect way to spend Christmas Eve - playing with new toys and crafts!

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