Monday, February 20, 2017

Cook Family Christmas - 2016

Still trying to play catch up with my Christmas photos!  All the illnesses really messed up my plan, so pretend its not February, but actually December and I'm posting these on time. ;)

On Christmas Day, Brandon and Miranda stayed home so that Miranda could have a chance to get better before we left for Dallas the next day.  Mackenzie, Meredith and I went to church with Granny and Papa and then went to their house to celebrate Christmas with my family and extended family.

Granny & Papa's tree and all of the gifts!  We are one blessed family!  We had 16 this year since Brandon and Miranda weren't there.  We also face timed my aunt and cousin for a little while too!

After lunch (have no pictures) it was gift time.  Granny had a special gift for all the girls this year so, the guys had to wait a little bit. ;)

And the girls all sat at the table waiting patiently (maybe) while we opened gifts in age order.

 Meredith started off since Miranda wasn't there.  She got a really cute Madame Alexander doll.

And Mackenzie got an Anna doll.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of everyone's doll - including mine. :(  The older girls received beautiful porcelain dolls all with a bride them.

 The girls received lots of great gifts and especially liked their new purses from Moshi.

 My uncle built Granny and Papa this huge rocking chair!

My girls love the smaller one he built a few years ago, so they are sure to love this big one!

They love their dolls!

Sweet moment as we were one of the last ones there, so the girls got spend a few extra minutes with Granny.

I love Christmas!  I love getting to spend time with my family and exchange gifts.  Too bad I only see some of my family once a year. :(

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