Thursday, February 2, 2017

Christmas Morning

As usual, I don't have many photos from Christmas morning. I usually take pictures of their initial reactions and a couple of their presents and then I just enjoy my Christmas watching them without a camera in my face. ;)

On Christmas morning, Brandon always goes to the front of the house turning on the lights we need, so the girls wait in our bedroom.

Sometimes they get a little crazy with the waiting!

Then, we get to walk to the tree...

Even though, Miranda has so much baby doll stuff, Santa still brought her a new stroller and baby doll clothes.

And lots of trinkets and snacks and a toy cleaning set.

This is the gift from her sisters - a tsum tsum tin purse with stuffed tsum tsums inside.

Mackenzie is always on the other side of the room from me, so I don't get to take as many pictures.  She received lots of crafting items, books and a doll carrier/bed for her American girls dolls.

Santa brings all of their gifts except for 2 - one from me and Brandon and one from their sisters. So I did at least get Meredith opening both of her gifts!

The one from her sisters is her favorite!  This was originally supposed to be for her cousin Nina, but Meredith loved it so much that I gave it to her sisters to give to her and I bought Nina a different one. ;)

We went to church in Alvin, so the girls had a little bit longer to play with their new gifts before we had to leave.  Unfortunately, Miranda was sick, so she and Brandon stayed home while the big girls and I headed to Granny and Papa's church and house.

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