Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thankful Parties

The big girls' school has Thankful parties instead of Christmas parties and this year I volunteered to take yearbook pictures for some of the parties. Miranda joined in for the day long adventure and did great! She played with the toys in the preschool class and then hung out in the stroller for a 5th grade party. ;)

After those 2 parties we went back to the PTA room and had lunch and I gathered my stuff to run Meredith's party since I'm the room mom.  And since I'm the room mom, I have only 2 pictures from Meredith's party. ;(  It was a crazy 45 minutes!

Miranda was great during this party.  She sat contently in the stroller and allowed me to walk and talk all over the room helping kids with crafts and games.  Before I left, I took a picture of the paper bag turkey I made filled with popcorn.  For the record, I was asked to make this, it wasn't my idea. ;)

I had intended to take pictures of a first grade party next, but the kinder party wore me out, so we just relaxed for 45 minutes before heading to Mackenzie's party. ;)

Mackenzie's party including stringing beads to make a pumpkin and of course a snack!

Miranda of course had yet another snack of skittles and pretzels!  Her 4th "snack" of the day" - basically one for each party she went to!

Mackenzie's class also played a couple of games.

One of which, Miranda joined in!

Mackenzie's party was over at 2:35 and since school gets out at 3:40 I decided to check the big girls out of school one hour early.  I rarely check them out early after an event, but Miranda and I had been there since drop off at 8am, so we were tired.  Miranda was really tired, because she fell asleep in the stroller while we waited for Meredith to be checked out of her classroom!

We have Valentine's parties next month, but Miranda will be in school, so we'll see how that works out.

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