Friday, January 13, 2017

November Misc (2016)

It's random photo time! ;)

Miranda dancing one morning before school!  This picture reminds me that we haven't seen her hat in  a while and I need to go look for it! ;)

Every so often, Miranda wants her hair fixed a different way.  I think this cute headband helped her decide on this day!

Later, we went to the store and I found this basket where she immediately said, "look, I can put my head in it!"

Miranda is past the time where I have a set naptime.  Instead we just go with random naps.  They are not everyday and they are anywhere she falls asleep.  On this day, the floor was apparently very comfortable.  Oh to be little and be able to sleep on the hard floor.

Miranda is such a trooper and accompanies me anywhere and everywhere.  On this particular day we went to a work day at the school and she played while I cut out things for teachers and they served us lunch!

This was Meredith's turkey that we made a disguise for! ;)

One of Meredith's good friends from Kindergarten lives around the corner from us, so when she had a birthday party, Mackenzie, Miranda and I walked/skootered Meredith to her house...

...and then rode Meredith's bike back home.

Not sure what this was all about, but it's quite the costume!

For the first time ever, I made Miranda eat her dinner from the night before for breakfast.  She was throwing a huge fit the night before and wouldn't eat her dinner, so I saved it in the fridge and made her eat it the next morning.  She fought it for a little bit, but finally ate it.  And that night she ate the same thing for dinner but without fussing.  Hopefully, it set an example for the big girls that I will follow through and they will eat something for breakfast if they don't eat it for dinner.

Last Christmas, as in 2015, my mom bought the girls pea coats to where to church during the winter.  I think this was our first Sunday to wear them!  The big girls and I have bible class upstairs so I took pictures!

Afterwards church and lunch we went a fireplace/grill store and the girls had fun playing on the patio furniture!

A couple of times a month, all of us girls wind up in my bed just relaxing.  I'm pretty sure this was a Sunday afternoon.

Look it's cindyloo!

The first pajama day of the school year - some of their favorite days!

Miranda is just like Meredith in that every day she takes something different to the school to pick up the girls.  One day it's a phone and the next it's her baby!

I don't always take pictures of the girls before school, but sometimes I remember.  On this day, Meredith wanted pig tails like her friend Caroline and she was super excited to have them when she was wearing the same dress that Caroline has, as well!  Too funny!

November is officially blogged!  Maybe I'll get through December before January is over! Ha!

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