Thursday, January 19, 2017

North Pole Breakfast 2016

Tiny arrived at our house safe and sound on December 1st.  Sometimes she shows up the weekend before, so the girls were a little anxious to see if she was coming. ;)  But sure enough, she brought as breakfast as usual on December 1!

She brought Marla, our pet reindeer that came last Christmas.

She also brought us a tsum tsum advent calendar that the girls loved!

Tiny brought our traditional "snow" donuts as well as chocolate donuts since she knows how much Meredith loves them. ;)

This year I took pictures of some of the hiding spots, but not all of them and clearly did not blog about the hiding spots each week like I have in the past.  Here are some of her hiding spots!

Tiny also has lots of outfits that she keeps at our house, so the girls told her each night what they wanted her to wear and she listened! ;)  We also got a new elf pet this year, but I have not pictures. :(  Maybe next year I'll document them a little more.

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