Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Go Aggies!

In November we went to our annual Aggie game with Brandon's company.  It was super cold that morning and since it was an early game, we were there before the sun had a chance to warm us up!  We didn't have tickets to the game and only went to the tailgate party at the jobsite on campus.  We hung out a little while in the jobsite trailer to keep warm! ;)

Once it warmed up, we were able to shed our jackets and play some games!  This is how Miranda plays the bean bag toss game! ;)  Also, she liked "cleaning" her shoes on the boot cleaner.

Mackenzie and Meredith found a new friend and spent at least an hour drawing with sidewalk chalk.  Thank goodness we brought that with us!

Selfies with Miranda in the bright sunshine is fun! ;)

Miranda had fun with a stair rail.

And Meredith had a lot of fun with sidewalk chalk.  They would right over and over again in the same spot to create "pixie dust".  Basically their hands and pants were covered in sidewalk chalk, but it kept them busy and happy, so whatever.

I sure liked the selfies on this outing. :/  However, I really like this one of us!

Learning to play football!  That was pretty interesting and hysterical.  Meredith wanted to wear her hat but she still wanted everyone to see her aggie clip, so we clipped it to her hat!

Eventually, the girls needed something else to do, so we went inside the trailer and they drew on the large white boards.  Miranda said, "look momma I drew a frog!"

And then, Meredith said, "I can draw a frog!"
I was shocked at how good her frog is.  Not too bad for a 5 year old!

We knew it had been a good day when this was our backseat on the way home!
Can't wait until next year!

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