Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fun Run - MKM

When the girls had their fun run this last Fall, Miranda and I hung out at the school for several hours while I took pictures for the yearbook. She did really well and while I took pictures of the fourth graders, she stayed in the stroller most of the time.

When the preschool class came out, I let Miranda run around with them.  I think that is why she ended up joining in the fun when Mackenzie's grade level came out 30 minutes later.  Who knew just running through an inflatable tunnel could be so fun?!

I think this was her favorite obstacle - running through pool noodles.

She really loved all of them, including the hula hoop and hurdle obstacle course

It was a perfect break for her and she really enjoyed running around by herself.  Just think, in just 2 short years she'll be running with her KINDERGARTEN class and I'll just be taking picture by myself! ;)

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