Friday, January 20, 2017

Decorating Trees

The girls and I got to decorate 6 Christmas trees this past season! In our house we have 4 trees...our big, traditional tree, our advent tree and the girls have small trees in their rooms. Then, to top it all off, the schedule worked out this year so that we got to decorate Moshi & Gapa's tree as well as Granny's tree. They seemed to be a bit distracted at Moshi and Gapa's but they still had fun and Meredith helped the most.

Before decorating the trees we went out for lunch where Meredith and Miranda found it super cool to watch themselves eat in the mirror behind the booth. ;)

Meredith chose the theme "White Christmas" so we had a white and silver tree.  This is the before picture with only ribbon.

Miranda didn't do much with the tree because she was too busy playing with Gapa.

Not sure how this is comfortable.

I think Meredith did the most decorating with Moshi.

The finished tree!

I guess all the decorating wore Mackenzie and Meredith out!

We decorated Granny's tree 2 days before Christmas! ;)  Again, this is the before shot.
All 3 girls were very interested in helping this time.

Miranda looked super cute, so I have lots of pictures of her!

Finished product!

I hope next season works out where we can do this from now on.  I remember always decorating Granny's tree growing up.  I tried to find some pictures on my computer just now, but couldn't find any.  It looks like I need to borrow some albums and pictures from Granny to scan in. ;)

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