Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Welcome Back Festival

In September, the girls' school had a "Welcome Back Festival" and the girls were very excited to go! We met at a friend's house and walked to the school.  The first thing they wanted was to get their faces painted.  I stood back while the girls picked their image.

Miranda chose a snake! I asked her if she would rather have the butterfly or something else and she said no.  So here is her snake!

Meredith was very excited about being able to swing on the playground!  I guess with 110 kindergartners at recess, the 4 swings are always taken!  And we actually had 2 of the swings for a little while!

 Meredith was also very eager to show me all of the things she plays with on the playground.

While we were at the playground, Mackenzie was going down the huge inflatable slid with her friend. ;)

We stood in line FOREVER for these snowcones, but they were kind of worth the wait!  They were huge and very inexpensive.  After waiting in line for 45 minutes, we finally sat on the ground to eat them!

 After our snow cone refresher, we tried out the dunk tank, walked around the school looking at the art murals and then went back outside to hula hoop.  The girls had so much fun and their hula hooping skills make me laugh.

We left at 8 to walk to our friends house and the girls thought it was so cool that we were walking around the neighborhood at night.  We got home and ate waffles for a super late dinner and went to bed at 9.  The girls declared that it was one of the best nights ever.  For 4 hours and $12, I'll take it!

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