Monday, December 5, 2016

September Misc Photos

I love looking at my phone photos after a couple of months. There are always some pictures I forgot I took and it helps me relive that moment again! That's what I love most about photographs.

One afternoon (maybe a friday?), we had a movie night.  Remember when laying on the floor could be comfortable?  I wonder at what weight and/or age, laying on the floor becomes uncomfortable?! ;)

For a couple of days in a row (or maybe in a week), we had rainy day dismissals.  The first one caught me and the girls off guard and I only had umbrellas.  We all came home dripping wet.  They are holding their soaken wet socks and ringing out water!

Even with an umbrella, Miranda's hair was soaking wet!

Miranda also started her big girls gymnastics class WITHOUT me!
Of, course after a month of doing everything by herself she decided she couldn't do it anymore and now requires her "mom and me" coach to walk her to class.  Coach Carrie holds her hand for maybe 10 seconds to walk her to her little star on the floor and does nothing else, but since that keeps her from crying, I'll do it! ;)

I had a doctor's appointment one day and Miranda was quite enthralled with the fish tank.  She kept talking to them in her high pitch voice she does when playing. ;)

Here's a video of her high pitched voice she uses when talking to little animals or her dolls. ;)

Afterwards, she insisted on touching the fountains in the courtyard.

One morning before church.  Meredith is very particular about clothing, so this dress from my mom was perfect for her - super soft!

Miranda and I go out to eat on Mondays after gymnastics.  On this particular day we even got dessert!

Occasionally I remember to take the girls' picture before school.  The weather is super cold today and I'm half wishing we could still wear those summer clothes in the picture!

Miranda fell asleep against my arm during lunch after Ladies Bible Class on day.  She must have been very tired or very bored...or both!

I'm assuming this was taken on a team jersey day. ;)  Gig'em Aggies!

Trying to play catch up!  I'm hoping to actually post about November and December activities soon.  But first, October! ;)

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