Thursday, December 22, 2016

Papa's Birthday - 2016

We try to go to Alvin to visit Granny and Papa about every 4-6 weeks, so Papa's birthday was the perfect reason to visit in November!  My mom joined us this time and made lunch.  There were even party favors! ;)

Look who's 79?!

Miranda had no interest in getting her picture taken with the group and clearly, Meredith had very little interest in smiling. ;)

Again, there is always time for a boat ride!

Miranda just likes to sit and watch everything at first.  Eventually she warms up to the boat ride and ventures to the railings, but in the beginning she's content to sit and relax.

And this is Mackenzie's favorite thing to do...stand on the rails.

Meredith just dances all around the boat and makes me very nervous at all of the openings. ;)

The big girls and I had some "selfie" time. ;)

Mackenzie likes to take picture with me sometimes.

But DOES NOT like it when I kiss her and take her picture!

Meredith, likes both!

When we were finished with the boat ride, the girls wanted Papa to open the floor hatch and we were all quite shocked to find the styrofoam alligator head under the boat!  We must have run over it on one of our passes and it got stuck.  What a surprise! ;)

Miranda was not too pleased that the big girls were sitting in HER rocking chair!

She finally took a picture with me!

The girls begged and begged for Penny to come out and play and then of course, required Granny to hold her because they were a little scared!

Meredith quickly got over her fear and held Penny for a little bit.

We are headed to Granny and Papa's tomorrow, so there's more fun to be had!

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