Sunday, December 11, 2016

October 2016 Miscellaney

Here's my post about all of the random stuff we did in October! ;)

Brandon must have been out of town one Saturday because the girls and I had lunch after Gymnastics one Saturday.  The girls love each other and argue equally, but clearly I don't take pictures of the arguments. ;)  Here's Mackenzie and Meredith cuddling because Mackenzie was cold.

Miranda got to sit by me!

Afterwards we played outside for a little while.

And this picture finally reminded me that Brandon went to a fishing tournament that weekend (extra car in the driveway) ;)

Meredith made this book at one point.  It's based on one of her take home books from school.  This front cover says "We can see a"  And to be honest, I have no idea what that drawing is.  I'd say a horse, except that it has wheels. ;)  Thee second page says "we can see a book."

"we can see a bike and Bible."

The girls LOVE pickles!  At Jason's Deli they insist Brandon bring back 2 pickles each from the buffet!

Miranda and Meredith eat the pickle "guts" first and then eat the skin. :/  So strange.

On school days, Miranda typically falls asleep between me picking her up and the time we have to pick up the big girls.  On this particular day she didn't wake up even though I transferred her from the couch to the carseat and the carseat to the stroller.  Plus, we walked to the school from the pool parking lot, rolling over 6 ADA bumpy ramps plus the slightly bumpy sidewalk in general!  She was very tired!

The girls saw someone doing yoga on you tube and liked demonstrating their trick to me.

Miranda really enjoys swim lessons and insists I bring this Minnie Mouse towel every week.

One of Mackenzie's very good friends had a birthday party at a trampoline park and she loved it!

It may be blurry, but it clearly shows how much fun they have together.  This is their second year in a row to be in the same class at school.

Every year our school has a pumpkin character contest.  We participate every year, but we are no where near to be at the level of those that win first place.  I think I'm crafty up until I see what other families bring in. ;)  We created Skippyjon Jones

Miranda told me I needed to change the battery on the car because it wasn't working.  I then informed her she had to use her feet to make it move. Ha!

I just realized that this is the last photo we have of this little car since we gave it to friends of ours within a couple of weeks of this picture.  It survived almost 7 years and 3 kids!  Here's it's first picture (with Mackenzie)! ;)

I don't take the girls pictures everyday before school, but on this day I couldn't resist.  Mackenzie is dressed for fall weather and Meredith is still in summer dress! ;)

For years, Meredith never wanted her hair fixed at all.  Then she would occasionally wear headbands.  Now she like having her hair braided!  I'm getting better at french braiding fine hair.

After 2 hours of bible class and church, the girls get a little crazy at lunch.

Some of our other activities are wrapped up in other posts, so stay tuned. ;)

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