Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Miranda's Halloween Party

Miranda's school had a Halloween party the week before Halloween and I was scheduled to help out in the kitchen, but apparently Miranda had other plans.  She cried to the point that they came to get me to follow her class around. :(

I think they were playing a game here and she was volunteering to sing.  For the school parties, the girls have always worn and old costume, so Miranda was Princess Sofia.

They rotated from classroom to classroom.  In her room they decorated pumpkins. ;)

In the kitchen they made vampire snacks.  This is what it was supposed to look like...

And this is what Miranda's looked like...
It was pretty good, but not exactly right. ;)  The kids were pretty funny.  One little girl asked for more "teeth" because she ate them all before making the snack! ;)

Meredith did pretty well with the bean bag toss too!

The entire school's pumpkins!

And this is Miranda's sweet class.

The school's director did an awesome job creating a great lunch for the kids too.  I was a happy parent since I didn't have to make an extra lunch that day.

Miranda cried when I left, but they tell me she stopped a few minutes later.  She's proving to be very similar to Meredith, having switched personalities at age 3 to be super attached to me and not doing any of the same activities she did before she turned 3.  :(

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